Nancy, Jade the Dog and Carrie

Nancy, Jade the Dog and Carrie




We are Carrie and Nancy and our friendship started with food and eating.  Our husbands introduced us and we began happily cooking together that night. We have continued cooking and eating together over the years. You will find our recipes tied to the seasons and made with the fresh ingredients we find in our gardens and the abundant farmer's markets in California.

We are 2 inquisitive cooks who share a passion to not only experience good food but to share the experience. No one likes to eat alone - right? Our approach to food can differ but that makes it fun. We like our food (and gardens) to be simple, comforting and satisfying.

Carrie, mostly vegetarian, garden obsessed, got married in Hawaii, can make oatmeal for 150 people, never met a salad she didn't like, spice - bring it on, would rather grow her food than buy it................

Nancy, loves bacon, kitchen obsessed, owns a coffee farm in Hawaii, once made duck 3 ways for Christmas, never met a sauce that was too rich, spice - not so much, loves a gourmet market...........