Carrie and her garden sidekick pup, Mel.


Hi! I am Carrie, the person behind Artichokes and Okra. Gardening, cooking and taking photos are my jam. I grew up in the deep south but have somehow managed to live around the world. I include “Okra” in my social media handle to always remind me where I started and how much that start influences everything. I have recently landed in California near the big city of Los Angeles - hence the inclusion of “Artichokes.” You get where I am coming from - right? So many influences…… Hanging out in LA with me is my hubby and crazy garden sidekick pup, Mel.

Social media………how did I get here???

Professionally I was a shoe designer for what seems like a thousand years and then one day I woke up and realized I was done with it. I had a yearning to be more connected to my environment and make a more simple life. So, that is what I did. I planted a garden, learned to can and preserve what I grew and then started taking pictures of it all. It is hard to take the designer out the girl, even when she wants the simple life……

My garden and food adventures ended up “out there” because my friend, Rickie, decided I needed to share it all with the world. She took my phone away from me and started an Instagram account, creating a garden and food documenting monster in process. After I got a ton of requests for recipes of the simple garden fresh food I was cooking, I started a blog too. 

Artichokes and Okra is the place I talk about what I am growing and what I am eating. It is always fresh and always in season. If you want lots of garden talk and garden pictures, head over to my Instagram feed where I pretty much daily post about what is happening in my little city garden. The best of what we are eating and preserving will show up on the blog, along with more in depth gardening talk.

Thanks so much for hanging out with me! 💚